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Trials are important not only for you as the bride, but for the stylist as well. It gives the stylist the opportunity to gain knowledge of your hair texture and pliability, as well as your skin's condition. The stylists can learn what products work best with your skin and hair to ensure they produce your desired look as well as making sure the style lasts ALL day.  Artists also have the opportunity to recommend products, they think will give you optimal results for your hair and skin before your big day!  This also includes discussing the options of adding false eyelashes or hair extensions.


Pin It Up recommends scheduling a trial at least 6-9 months prior to your wedding day, to secure your artist for your wedding day. We want you to get the most out your trial, so here are a few helpful tips to prepare:

Bringing pictures is a given, but don't feel as though you need to narrow it down to just one option. For makeup, you may like this eyeliner, with that eye shadow but a different lip color. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration, but a lot of the pictures you'll find will only show the hair from one angle. If you love the front of one look but the back of another, your stylist can work to incorporate elements of your favorite ideas. 


Also helpful are photos of things that you DON'T like. Sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it, but showing what isn't your style is just as helpful. Stylists can look at a range of photos and even if they seem a bit unrelated to the eyes of the bride to be, we can usually pull a common theme from them. Bring a photo of your dress — this can help your stylist get a sense of your personal style. Plus, she can help you determine the best look based on your dress's neckline.

Wash and blow dry your hair the night before, without using products. If you use a flat iron to tame frizz, it's fine, but keep to a minimum. If you are planning on wearing your hair down, do NOT flat iron at all. This may affect the longevity of the style. Come with a clean face, moisturizer is optional.

If you're in love with a particular style, ask your stylist if she'd recommend changing anything about your current cut and color to make it look its best. You may find that your style would look better with side-swept bangs or that you should cut layers into your long locks to add dimension. Or, she may suggest something subtle, like parting your hair on the opposite side or overextending the part. Going a little lighter or darker with makeup can make a huge difference in your photos. Our professionals have been specifically trained in the art of bridal makeup and can help guide you to the perfect look, both in person and on camera.

Your veil can completely transform your hairstyle. It's important for your stylist to know how your veil attaches, whether you're going to wear it all night, and if you're planning to add any other hair accessories. If you haven't picked a hair accessory yet, that's ok!  We carry an assortment of pieces, so we can show you different options with different styles!

Makeup can reflect differently depending on what color you're wearing. Since you know you will be in a light color dress, we recommend wearing a similar style/color to your trial!


At the end of every trial, we take photos! These photos are sent to you and kept for a reference for your wedding day. We encourage clients to look them over, a hundred times if necessary to make sure you are 100% happy with your look. Our hair stylists and makeup artists are always able to make changes. The only way we can make sure you're happy is to know that we've done what you want and the only way to fix something that isn't quite perfect, is to hear you say so.  

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